eyelash extensions

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

  • Weightless natural feeling lashes; like they’re not even there
  • Say Goodbye to Tinting
  • Water resistant through showers, sweating, tears and swimming
  • Everyday wear, Weddings, Job interviews, Debutantes, School Formals and other Special Occasions
  • No more "Panda" eyes during sport activities
  • From base to lash, tip is tapered, just like natural lashes but better!
  • Eyelash extensions can last for months with proper care and regular touch-ups (every two weeks)
  • Longer, fuller and darker lashes
  • No need to wear mascara again


Lash Aftercare Retail Products
Protect your Investment

  • Prolong Lash Cleanser
    Designed to help protect your lash extensions
    from damaging oils 
  • Lash Coating Essence
    Nourishes the natural lashes and promotes stronger growth
  • Volume up Max Mascara
    Oil free and water soluble 



Lash Packages:

Classic set

Pure mink
Natural enhancement
Russian volume 2D-3D
Outer edge

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Refills are recommended every 3 weeks to maintain volume. We not only replace the lashes lost during your natural lash loss cycle, we also remove any extensions that have grown out and replace these with new extensions.

Standard refills:

2-3 weeks
3-4 weeks
4-5 weeks


Volume refills:

2-3 weeks


Ask us about crystals and glitter lashes for special occasions.

Lash Removal Services:

Eyelash Extensions must be removed by a qualified technician so as not to damage the natural lashes.  DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to remove them yourself.  The glue requires a specific glue remover to safely remove the lashes.

Eyelash Extension Removal